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Miss Arlington Board Members gather on stage at the Roanoke Civic Center where
Miss Arlington 2009, Caressa Cameron, had just been crowned Miss Virginia 2009 at the Saturday night Finals of the 2009 Miss Virginia Pageant.  Seven months later, Caressa was crowned Miss America 2010!
(Photo courtesy of Julius Tolentino)
The Miss Arlington Scholarship Organization is comprised of a Board of Directors, volunteers, and generous sponsors and scholarship donors, focused on their commitment to providing young women throughout the Commonwealth with the opportunity to win scholarship awards which will ultimately enhance both educational and career endeavors, as well as personal growth and enrichment.  The "main event" produced by the Miss Arlington Scholarship Organization is the annual Miss Arlington & Miss Arlington's Outstanding Teen Pageant, which serves as an "open" preliminary to both the Miss Virginia Pageant and Miss Virginia's Outstanding Teen Pageant.

The Board of Directors will actively support each and every Miss Arlington and Outstanding Teen as she promotes her community service platform. This support will also extend to their preparedness for the annual Miss Virginia Pageant and Miss Virginia's Outstanding Teen Pageant.
Leigh Gettman-Allen

As a friend and supporter of
Miss Arlington, Leigh has been an invaluable part of our success over the years. She and her mom, Zoe Ann Gettman, are like extended family to us and their love and support is cherished by our entire committee.
The Miss Arlington Scholarship Organization is a proud member of the Miss Virginia/Miss America family.  The Miss America Organization is the largest scholarship provider for women in the world. Today, more than $5,000,000 in scholarship assistance is available annually to young women who participate in the program at all levels of competition.  YOU could be the next recipient!
Our Legacy
"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." -Steve Jobs

Running a local pageant in the Miss Virginia/Miss America system is truly a labor of love. We work extremely hard to ensure that our annual local pageant is a fun and enjoyable experience for not only our winners, but for all participants as well. Only one young lady will walk away with the Miss Arlington Crown and another will take the Outstanding Teen Crown, but it is our greatest hope that each young lady leaves feeling good about her experience, and energized to keep competing in this great program.

Another part of our mission is to help our titleholders in any way possible as they get ready for the state pageants. As a committee, we wrap ourselves around our titleholders to find out what they need or desire in their preparations for their respective state competitions. We're very proud of the fact that six of our Miss Arlingtons went to Roanoke and won the Miss Virginia Title, including one that went on to win the Miss America crown. Additionally, we've been fortunate to have one of our Outstanding Teens capture the Miss Virginia's Outstanding Teen Title. Our results in Roanoke are a sense of pride for our committee, but we give all the credit to the intelligent, talented, beautiful, and engaging young women who have held our titles over the years, every one of them. We love ALL of our girls, and we're richer for having you in our lives!
 2017-Cecili Weber
2006-Adrianna Sgarlata
2008-Tara Wheeler
2009-Caressa Cameron

2011-Elizabeth Crot
 2013-Desiree Williams
2008-Tara's Crowning Moment
"The view from row M"
2011-Elizabeth's Crowning Moment
Our Miss Virginias
2012-Andolyn Medina
Our Miss Virginia's Outstanding Teen

Miss Arlington!
Miss Virginia!!
Miss America!!!

So proud of our very own
Miss America 2010,
Caressa Cameron-Jackson.

Caressa Cameron, who was the third Miss Arlington to capture the Miss Virginia Title, headed to Las Vegas in January 2010 to represent the Commonwealth in the Miss America Competition. Wowing the crowd at the Planet Hollywood Performing Arts Theatre with a rousing rendition of "Listen" by Beyoncé won her a talent preliminary award at Miss America (see her Miss America final night talent performance to the right), as it did at Miss Virginia. Impressed with her intelligence, her warm conversational manner, and her strong spirit, the panel of celebrity judges selected Caressa as their winner on finals night, and she claimed her place in Miss Arlington, Miss Virginia, and Miss America history as Miss America 2010. Caressa's Miss America crowning moment can be seen to the right.
2009-Caressa Cameron
Our Miss America
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